Linear Strobe

Drew Lear Technology has a range of very bright linear LED Strobes in lengths from 250mm up to over 3m. They can be supplied complete with User Interface for Hz/RPM, Intensity, Pulse Width and Line Width setting or used just with external trigger/sync signals.

Custom versions of these units can also be produced.

DLTX-LSxxx High Power Linear LED Strobe

Based on the field proven internals of the VLX2+ line lights, these units illuminate a linear area and can be supplied either for externally triggering/synchronisation or as a stand alone linear stroboscope. They are generally made to order so can be supplied in any of the standard VLX2/VLX2+ lengths up to 3m.

Stand Alone Units

The DLTX range can be supplied with a User Interface to allow stand alone operation i.e. without external triggering/synchronisation.

Shown below is the DLTX-LS1000 linear strobe with the DLTX-UI-01 User Interface. The user interface allows the RPM/Frequency, Pulse Width, Intensity of the strobe pulses to be set and stored. They are ideal to "freeze" fast moving webs for manual inspection applications e.g. Paper watermarks and security features, print quality and registration, etc.

Very bright linear LED Strobe Lights

Externally Triggered/Synchronised Units

The DLTX-LSxxx can also be supplied for use with an external trigger with the pulse width controlled either by the input pulse shape or internally set via the RS232 comms port. This is ideal for use with image sensors that have no exposure control e.g. CIS sensors to allow production lines to run at variable speed without image intensity variation.

Custom Solutions – Rail Inspection ExampleDrew Lear Tech lighting products can be repackaged and customised to suit specific applications or OEM requirements. Please contact Sales to discuss how we can supply your needs.

As an example, shown below is a 500mm long custom linear strobe unit specified for use on a line scan based rail inspection system.

The special requirements here were: -

  • Very high Intensity – for high line rates
  • Extended working distance – 300–500mm.
  • 20mm Thick Line – To allow for large depth of illiumination (features with large height)
  • Trigger input with pulse width control
  • Delayed output trigger pulses for line scan line sync pulses
  • Compact IP rated Housing
  • Air Cooled (effectively forced air by movement of the train)

The final solution, shown below was achieved using: -

  • Fully customised IP rated housing c/w customer specified cable/connector assembly
  • Standard VLX2 electronics and LED PCBs
  • Two converging line lights in parallel – to achieve required intensity
  • Trigger input for strobing
  • Trigger Output with programmable delay for line scan camera line sync pulses
  • RS485 comms (better noise immunity) for intensity/profile control and diagnostic feedback

Rail Line Light

Typical Applications

  • Print Registration/Quality Inspection
  • Paper Watermark and Security feature inspection
  • Textile Inspection
  • High Speed Video
  • Film production,
  • Surface Inspection
  • Transport – Road and Rail Inspection

Key Features – Linear LED Strobe

  • Ideal for linear Xenon Strobe replacement – No expensive tubes to replace
  • Lengths from 250mm - >3000mm (see specification for "standard" lengths)
  • Operating Parameters
    • Flash rate: 1Hz / 60RPM/FPM - 5kHz / 300,000RPM/FPM (wider range on request)
    • Flash Duration: 20uS – 1mS
    • Line Width: 125mm –> Full width (in 125mm steps, centre out)
  • Cool White (other wavelengths available on request including UV and IR)
  • No Ozone generation
  • Compact, narrow form factor – ideal for tight spaces
  • Diffuser Option – for use in systems using specular/direct reflection configurations
  • 3D CAD models available on request – please contact