Drew Lear Technology is a supplier of specialist high power LED lighting products and Machine Vision design consultancy.

High Power LED Lighting

Our Power LED lighting products are designed by engineers who understand Machine Vision systems. Combining knowledge of the design engineer and the integrator produces solutions that will be fit for purpose both in function and form.

In particular, we specialise in LED Line Light products which complement our extensive experience with Line Scan and CIS (Contact Image Sensor) based inspection system design.

From the highest intensity LED line lights through LED Strobe products to bespoke designs for OEMs, Drew Lear Tech have the technology to get the best from your systems.

Machine Vision Consultancy and Design Services

Successful Machine Vision system design consultancy is built on many years of experience in providing solutions to a wide variety of industries and market sectors. Our knowledge of in designing custom lighting systems also adds an extra dimension to the flexibility of our solutions.

We are particular specialists in line scan and CIS (Contact Image System) based inspection system design having worked on all aspects of web inspection and conveyor fed systems.

Additionally, we are constantly implementing solutions based on the latest advances in our areas of expertise so that we stay up to date with the leading edge technologies.


  • LED Line Lights – Hyper Bright, Ultra Bright, High Brightness, Liquid Cooled, Air Cooled, Hybrid
  • LED Strobe Lights – Linear Stroboscopes, Area Strobes, Hand held Strobes, Strobe Controllers
  • Machine Vision Lighting Systems
  • IR (Infrared) Lighting
  • UV (Ultraviolet) Lighting
  • Custom LED Lighting systems
  • Custom Video Inspection Units c/w LED Lighting – Rail
  • Centrifuge Imaging Systems
  • Programmable Pulse Generators
  • Line Scan & CIS (Contact Image Sensor) System Integration
  • Area Scan Camera System Integration


  • General Web based manufacturing and processing – Quality Inspection and Measurement
  • Paper Making & Conversion
  • Surface Inspection
  • PCB Inspection
  • Process Monitoring
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Print Inspection
  • Glass Inspection
  • Electronic Components & Displays
  • Oil Research
  • Transport – Road and Rail Inspection
  • Packaging Inspection
  • General Manufacturing and many others

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