• VLX2+ LED Line Light
  • VLX2+ LED Line Light
  • VLX2+ LED Line Light
  • VLX2+ LED Line Light
  • VLX2+ LED Line Light
  • VLX2+ LED Line Light
  • VLX2+ LED Line Light


Maximum Intensity, Absolute Consistency, Proven Reliability

The VLX2+ series liquid cooled Hyper Bright LED Line Lights is the next evolution of the already impressive, field proven VLX2 line light providing several times higher intensity in "HI" specification.

The "HI" models provide the highest intensity continuous, uniform line lighting which can be focused to a narrow beam or used to generate a wider uniform beam even at longer working distances. These lights are ideally suited to Line Scan and CIS (Contact Image Sensor) applications for Surface Inspection and Web Inspection (including transmitted lighting) especially in very high speed and transmitted light applications.

Intensity Options

Two intensity variants are available. The "HI" models have a higher LED count/metre, run at 48V and provide outputs up to several times higher than the original VLX2 range.

The "Standard" VLX2+ runs at 24V and by using leading edge LEDs gives a significantly higher output than the original VLX2.

Push the Line Rate to the Limit

With the development of ever more powerful line scan cameras allowing higher and higher line rates, the limiting factor in many applications is often been the intensity of the available line light being used. Inadequate lighting intensity can compromise the abilities of the line scan camera leading to limited line rates and/or image resolution. Thanks to the liquid cooling technology used, VLX2+ LED lighting this limitation can be removed allowing even the highest performance line scan cameras to be pushed their limits, reliably, 24/7.

Longest Working Life

Just specifying LEDs for the illumination source doesn't guarantee high intensity and long life. The VLX2+ series of LED line lights are designed to thermally manage the LEDs ensuring maximum lifetime of the light whist consistently achieving maximum output from the LEDs. This superior thermal management allows these liquid cooled lights to achieve line intensities of over >5 MLux with maximum reliability.

"All in One Design" with Remote Control

All the drive and control electronics are built into these "smart" light units – nothing other than a suitable DC power supply is required to drive them. The built in RS232 communications port allows full control of the line intensity and access to diagnostic information. In addition, the RS232 port also gives you the ability to change the intensity profile the light - the LEDs are controlled in sections which can be individually adjusted and even turned on or off, especially useful if the inspected product width can change. For example, if your application requires flat field correction, you can increase the light intensity at each end of the light offering you true flat field correction rather than compromising with software adjustment by the camera/grabber.

Flexible Working Distance

There are two options for the optics; Short Working Distance optics (37mm) or Long Working Distance (adjustable between 90-150mm) which will give you a highly homogeneous line 3mm wide at the subject.

Additionally, the LWD optics can generate a wider line at working distances up to several metres.

For highly reflective or specular surfaces, an additional holographic diffuser film can be added to the optics to further enhance line profile.

Liquid Cooling Options

Liquid cooling is achieved in a number of ways depending on the application and available resources at the installation. All liquid cooling fittings are valved and can be connected and disconnected with just a couple of drops of liquid being lost.

In the simplest case, if there is already a source of cooled/chilled water available at the installation site, this can be used within a couple of required limitations. Please see the "Liquid Cooling Options" (hyperlink here) webpage for details.

VLX2-Cooler2 – Liquid Cooling Pack

VLX2-Cooler2 – Liquid Cooling Pack

In the absence of this either a cooler or chiller can be supplied or recommended depending on the length of the line and the environmental conditions around the installation. Please see the "Liquid Cooling Options" (hyperlink here) webpage for more information.

Lengths and Wavelengths

The VLX2+ series of lights is available in a standard range of lengths and wavelengths, and is compatible with all Line Scan cameras including Dalsa, Basler, E2V,Jai, DataLogic, Lord, TVI Vision, ISG, Tattile and Contact Image Sensors (CIS) including Stemmer/Mitsubishi and Tichawa

If your application requires something outside the standard form factor or performance, the VLX2+ units can also be custom designed to match specific OEM requirements e.g. extra environmental protection, custom housings, special optics, alternative comms (Ethernet), etc. Please contact Drew Lear Tech to discuss your requirements.

Typical Applications

  • General Web based manufacturing and processing – Quality Inspection and Measurement
  • Paper Making & Conversion
  • Surface Inspection
  • PCB Inspection
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Print Inspection
  • Glass Inspection
  • Electronic Components & Displays
  • Oil Research
  • Transport – Road and Rail Inspection
  • Packaging Inspection

Key Features

  • Highest Available Continuous Intensity Output – > 13 MLux (at 3mm line width SWD optics)
  • Liquid Cooled
    • Longest working life at maximum output
    • Fastest Warm Up
    • Ideal for high ambient temperatures
  • Two Working Distance Optics
    • SWD – Short working distance 37mm
      Best for narrow line thickness (3mm) and highest optical efficiency
    • LWD – Long Working Distance.
      Narrow line thickness from 90 – 150mm working distance
      Broader line thickness at longer working distances if required
  • Complete Profile Control
    • Variable Intensity Profile for Flat Field compensation – by 62.5mm line segments
    • Turn On/Off Individual Segments (62.5mm segments) for Line Width control – essential for variable width web products
  • Choice of Wavelengths: White (Cool White), Green (530nm), Red (627nm), Green (530nm), Blue (470nm), IR (740nm, 850nm, 940nm)
  • Compact, narrow form factor – Ideal direct Fibre Optic line light replacement
  • Lengths from 250mm - >3000mm (see specification for "standard" lengths)
  • Diffuser Option – for use in systems using specular/direct reflection configurations
  • Built in "Strobing" capability - for use with sensors without exposure time control e.g. Contact Image Sensors (CIS) or other "special" sensor/application requirements.
  • 3D CAD models available on request – please contact support@drewlear.co.uk


Line uniformity>95% excluding the end 40mm for SWD and 50mm for LWD
Standard Line Light lengths250mm, 375mm, 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 3000mm.
Other lengths available on request
Profile adjustment resolution62.5mm segments
Working distance optionsSWD option - 37mm fixed
LWD option - 90mm to 110mm variable
Line thickness at 37mm Working Distance3mm
Supply voltage48V Nominal (30V to 52V DC depending on wavelength)
Typical supply current at 100% brightness16.5 A per metre maximum (<16.5A for Red, UV and IR)
Lifetime (degrade to 70% brightness)>50000 hours at 100%
~20000 hours at 140%
Height (37mm WD)109mm
Length (without Cooling or Fans)Lighting length plus 52mm
MountingM5 tapped holes
WeightApprox 5.6Kg per metre
Operating temperature-20°C to +50°C
Storage temperature-20°C to +70°C
Environmental protectionIP50 standard, others on request
Colours/WavelengthsWhite (Cool White), Green , Red , Green ,Blue , IR (740nm, 850nm, 940nm), UV (400nm, 365nm)